Led Module Indicating Lights

JAIBALAJI CONTROL GEARS PVT. LTD., a leading manufacturer of jai brand indicating lights which are ISI certified by Bureau of Indian Standards and CSA International, CANADA / US. Jai indicating lights based on well developed solid state technology are highly reliable.

Jai brand lucent indicating lights are available in 16.5 mm and 22.5 mm diameter version with six different colours (i.e. Yellow, Red, Amber, Blue, Green and White) and with different ranges of AC and DC voltages. 

Jai Research & Development technology has achieved a milestone by complying its standards to meet UL-VO rating in its flame retardant plastic type models of indicating lights.

Jai LED Module indicating lights are available with Low voltage glow protection on request.


   Salient features:

  • Best Illumination due to maximum lucent LEDs.
  • 80% Energy Saving.
  • Zero failure probability due to LED technology.
  • Fits with 16.5 & 22.5 mm standard cutouts.
  • Suitable for standard voltage ranges. Non standard
  • Voltage ranges available on request.
  • Immune to vibration and shock resistance
  • Rugged, Long lasting & Economic.
  • Low voltage glow protection.

   Specifications of LED Module Indicating Lights

    Operating voltage :     6, 12, 24, 48, 110 & 230V AC& DC
    Power consumption :     0.5 Walts at 230V AC
    Operating Temperature :     - 4 to + 75 C
    Colors available :     Yellow, Red, Amber, Blue, Green and White
    Designated normal life :     1,00,000 burning hours.
    Housing :     Flame retardant Nylon glass filled provided with
    ribbed polycarbonate lens.
    Protection :     IP 65
    Rated Insulation Voltage :     600V
    Insulation :     above 50 Mega ohms
    High Voltage Test :     2500 Voltage for 1 min.
    Termination :     Totally enclosed finger touchproof Suitable for 2.5
    Sqmm cable